Friday, 2 July 2010

Nelson's Blog on Thing 6

Ooh, my Google Calendar reminded me this morning that I was on Late Duty tonight! (It didn't know that I had actually remembered to sign but I suppose it sent the reminder a split second after midnight). Shall have either to edit the setting or delete the fact I'm away the week after next; I don't want it filling up filespace with messages telling me I'm on holiday.
Potentially extemely useful for coordinating arrangements both professional and social and saving paper, ink etc. at the same time.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Nelson's blog on Thing 5

The Doodle poll seems very simple to operate, but as a concept obviously isn't simple at at all. The possible links must cover absolutely everything anyone could possibly ever dream of doing with it.
I found the returning to email for replies a bit cumbersome and would have preferred the ability for a registered user to sign in to Doodle to do all functions within the facility itself.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

iGoogle page

Something I found really infuriating in the early stages was the use of the same window for all processes to do with the 23 Things. In the middle of setting something up, I'd need to refer back to the 'instructions' page, only to find it had opened itself in the same window. However, a few bookmarks and extra Explorer sessions have solved the problem.
Was also amused to find that we old fogeys are all automatically expected to have mobile phones, digital cameras, uploaded holiday snaps for all to see...

Oh drat, while I was writing the text, my image has disappeared. Oh well, I'll try and put it back.

Nelson's (b)log on Thing 3

Was wondering whether endlessly checking availability of a unique URL was actually counterproductive. After NUMEROUS rejections of names I was certain no-one else could possibly have thought of, a kindly soul at the drop-in session got a name accepted for me at the first attempt! But he didn't bother with 'Check availability...'